Simon's ideas about supply and demand make so much sense and most importantly have turned my trading around. If you can learn from him, seize the opportunity!
Philip Lee
Accounts Manager
I have known Simon for many years now. We have traded together in the past. Simon is a very talented, approachable person and this is invaluable to any developing trader! The website, is very clear, concise & provides the foundation any trader needs to be consistant & profitable. Great work Simon.
Steve Rodgie
Hello Simon, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great course and teaching your methods you really don't know how much it means to me that you shared your strategies it's been life changing. I bought your course around May 2017 and I've been so profitable over the last year or so on most of my day and swing trades that I am now ready to retire from my IT job (I'm joining you as a retired IT employee :-)....thank you. But a few reasons why I am contacting you is to thank you again for the great course, another thank you for continuing to add videos and value in the course and providing more value with bonus videos to Udemy members on your website. J.W.
Course Student
An extremely talented guy with a huge amount of experience every new trader should have. Simon will guide you through the trials and tribulations that every trader will face, having experienced them himself and coming good in the end. I heartily recommend him!
Will Hunting (Wmd4x)
Owner and operator of Wmd4x.com
I am writing this testimonial to thank Simon for his website.  I have not personally been coached by him or bought any products but the knowledge base on his website alone has helped me exponentially. I have been trading the emini for a little over a year now.  I was trading support and resistance and I was right most of the days, but on certain days I got crushed and had no clue why.  I was almost on the verge of giving up. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Simon’s site.  His information has allowed me to be profitable consistently along with increasing my profit targets.  I am now making about 4 points a day and looking at the market through new eyes.
Bruce T
When Simon talks about trading it is instantly apparent that he possess a large & diverse technical knowledge. Over the 5 years I have known him he has developed his own style using Institutional Supply & Demand as the basis. Anyone wanting to learn about trading, either novice or professional, would find his insights into price action and reasoning behind analysis an invaluable source of information.
Andy Brown
Trader & Entrepreneur
Simon, I have to say I wish I'd found your course about 8 years ago when I started (what I thought was) trading! I honestly have started to look at charts in a completely different way, it's like a lightbulb has finally gone on! That combined with your tweets have been without doubt the most helpful to my trading education to date.
Darren Harris
Course Student
I feel extremely privileged to have learnt from Simon. He is a great trader and mentor, able to explain concepts simply and has improved my trading no end.
Freelance IT Consultant
After wasting 6 solid years searching for profitability, this website has completely changed the way I think of trading and the only regret I have now is that I should have found this site years ago.
Olu Dare
IT Analyst
A trader that knows his edge in S/D and can help you out in your journey. Best of luck in trading and mentoring program my friend. Cheers. Belekas
Belekas (ExploreFX)
I have known Simon for many years and in this time have watched him go through all the various ways to trade. It’s good to see that from this he has developed his own way to trade based on supply and demand and a wealth of experience of what does and doesn't work. So if you want to bypass all the years of trial and error, Simon’s the man for you.
Andy Lunn
Futures daytrader

Simon and I began our trading education together; and have traded together for MANY years. His journey to success is one that can provide enormous benefit to those traders needing the skill and focus to take them to their consistent profitability.. I am thrilled he is now providing training as I know how difficult it can be to find the right mentor. He has been around the proverbial block and knows what pays off in trading. If you are ready to zero in on what really works, Simon will give you the roadmap and supervision to finish your journey.

Gail Schneider (Gtrader444x)

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  1. Hi Simon,
    I have been to many web sites looking for quality course. You content rich website is excellent. Just reading the supply demand basic and SD I and SD II have been a good education. Your article about how candles can mislead is what I have always been thinking of. Great job. Keep up the good work.


    • administrator

      Thanks Amin, glad you’re enjoying the website!

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