About the author

Simon Kloot

Trader, Blogger and Mentor.

Ex-IT consultant turned professional day trader. Simon lives with his wife and daughter in North London. He trades Equity Indices, Forex and Gold, and enjoys helping others attain their trading goals.

My Trading Style

I’m a technical trader with one eye on the fundamentals. I employ a mix of supply and demand, support and resistance, order flow and price action to read the markets.

I trade Forex, Gold and Equity Indices with holding times ranging from hours to days. I also occasionally scalp ES futures.

Video Trading Course

If you’ve watched my trading videos on this website and wondered how I do it, I reveal all in my online trading course. The same strategy applies whether you are scalping, day trading or swing trading. It can be found here on Udemy. There is no Holy Grail, but this is about as close as it gets!

Private Tuition

Mentoring is occasionally available on an adhoc/limited basis at £100 per hour. Please drop me an email at simon at tradersimon.com to register your interest. Note: only students who (a) show enthusiasm and (b) have taken my course and understand my strategy will be considered for mentoring.


  • What software do I use? My preferred platform is Ninjatrader. Historically, I have used Metatrader for spot Forex and Commodities. I also listen to a live newsfeed (squawk).

  • Do I use indicators? No, most indicators lag price, however there are some exceptions that I will go into in a future article.

  • Where do I start as a beginner? Open a free demo account with a broker. Start reading about the basics of Supply and Demand. Read a website such as BabyPips.com to learn the very basics.

  • How will mentoring sessions be conducted? Sessions will take place using Skype and screen sharing.